Blue White and Dan Adam

“I knew that the people at Creighton — the faculty members, the staff members, the students—were all going to be super supportive and friendly.

“I really appreciate the support from professors who are looking out for their students and other faculty members, both inside and outside of the classroom. I give because I want future students to have the same great experiences I have had.”

- Dan Adam, Class of 2012, College of Arts and Sciences

When he was growing up in Minnesota, Dan Adam always wanted to go to medical school. When Dan was looking at colleges, his high school guidance counselor strongly recommended Creighton, with its excellent pre-med curriculum and School of Medicine. Dan visited Creighton’s campus as a high school junior, and he loved Creighton’s facilities and programs. Most of all, though, he was impressed with the people he met. “And I’m from the land of ‘Minnesota nice,’” Dan added, jabbing his home-state’s reputation.

“I knew that the people at Creighton—the faculty members, the staff members, the students—were all going to be super supportive and friendly” Dan said, “and that’s exactly how it has been in my three years here.”

Dan is grateful for the mentorship of Dr. Charles Austerberry, a professor he studied under in the Department of Biology. “Not only has he taught me a lot about biology and given me an opportunity to work as a teaching assistant in his freshman bio course,” Dan says, “but he has also given me a lot of help as I plan my career as a medical professional.”

With no medical professionals in his family or circle of friends, Dan had a difficult time finding opportunities for shadow internships. Dr. Austerberry drew upon his connections in the medical field and the Omaha community to connect Dan with doctors whom he could shadow. Now, Dan volunteers in the emergency room at Creighton University Medical Center, a coveted opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible without Dr. Austerberry’s guidance.

“A lot of medical students throughout the region want to volunteer there,” Dan said. “He helped me get in the door. I really appreciate studying with professors like Dr. Austerberry, who are looking out for their students long-term.”

Dan gives to Creighton as a student in gratitude for the personal attention of professors like Dr. Austerberry. In addition, Dan expressed his thanks for the scholarships he received, which are possible in part thanks to the generosity of Creighton’s faculty and staff. The assistance from faculty – both in an out of the classroom – helped to make Dan’s Creighton experiences possible. Now, Dan plans to continue his giving after graduation to ensure the spirit of Creighton lives on in the next generation. “I want future students to have the same opportunities that I have had,” he said.