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2010 Sr. Margaret Wright, R.Ph., Ph.d., BSPHA'62

2010 Alumni Merit Award Recipient

Sr. Margaret Wright, R.Ph., Ph.D., BSPHA'62

Oct. 8, 2010

Sr. Margaret Wright

Upon first examination of the career of Sister Margaret Wright of the Religious Sisters of Mercy, one is struck by her stellar academic and professional record.

A 48-year veteran of the profession, she is impeccably educated, well-credentialed and widely lauded.

Sister Margaret received a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Creighton in 1962; a Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration from the University of Colorado in 1971 and her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1998. From hospital staff pharmacist, to director of pharmacy services, to chair of the Illinois State Board of Pharmacy, her career path indicates competence, diligence and professionalism.

Sister Margaret is as adept at managing the people as she is the process, be that a million-dollar budget or a staff of 50. She has effectively applied the study of human resource management to advance the profession and along the way, has left her individual mark in a number of ways, such as designing pharmacy facilities for a new hospital, developing hospital protocols for physician’s orders and mentoring newcomers to the profession.

Upon closer examination, it is evident that – quite fortuitously – pharmacy has been the vehicle that allowed Sister Margaret to serve others and to fully experience life as a witness of Jesus in the world.

Sister Margaret is a servant leader who displays qualities of love, mercy and charity for those who rely on her. Joyfulness is central to her character. She is a relationship builder who, in 2004, was awarded the Leadership Mentor Award by the American Pharmacists Association.

Sister Margaret bears the unmistakable influence of her Jesuit education. Nominators speak to her humanness and to her willingness to engage the world and to change it. For nearly five decades, she has championed the quality of life of the people of Illinois and has promoted health care as a basic right.

Using ethical and moral principles to solve problems, Sister Margaret follows what is right, not what is expedient. She has often addressed formidable business and political interests to assure public protection and safety for all.
In the words of one nominator; “Through justice in our laws and social systems, Sister Margaret has worked relentlessly for the common good, mentoring many along the way. Even now as a consultant, she continues to challenge the powerful to care for those in need, and to do right for all concerned.”

Creighton University is proud to confer upon Sister Margaret Wright of the Religious Sisters of Mercy the 2010 Alumni Merit Award for the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions.