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2011 Diane K. Duren, BSBA'81

2011 Alumni Merit Award Recipient
Diane K. Duren, BSBA'81
May 12, 2011

After graduating from Creighton, Diane Duren began her career as a certified public accountant and spent several years in public accounting.

She joined Union Pacific in 1985 and during her time there has held positions in finance, marketing and sales. She now serves as vice president of the Chemicals division, overseeing marketing and sales activities for customers in the chemical and petroleum industries – commodities that represent over $2.4 billion in annual revenue.

Diane is widely recognized for her ability to lead creatively and to challenge individuals and organizations to achieve greatness.

During her tenure as vice president of Agriculture Products, Diane created the “Express Lane” food products train, taking advantage of a market opportunity that had long been abandoned by the railroads.

Following that, she helped introduce the perishable unit train – taking a full trainload of perishables from Washington State to New York.

It was also during her tenure leading Agriculture Products that Union Pacific engaged the emerging ethanol opportunity that helped the company build a network to support ethanol rail delivery. In the spirit of her Jesuit, Catholic education, Diane is a woman for others.

She has served on the board of the Heartland Chapter of the American Red Cross for five years and was named board chair in 2010.

Her leadership as a volunteer has demonstrated her ability to seek the truths and values essential to human life. Through her fundraising, more than one million people in this area are able to receiving life-saving services from the Red Cross in times of crisis.

In addition, Diane has been active on volunteer boards of the YWCA, the National Grain Trade Council, the Farm Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation. She continues to serve as a leadership coach for the Waite Leadership Program in the Heider College of Business and is an executive mentor for Creighton graduate students.

Creighton University salutes Diane Duran as a business leader and a role model and proudly confers upon her the 2011 Alumni Merit Award for the College of Business.