Your reunion gift will provide Creighton students educational opportunities they otherwise would not be able to have without alumni support. Reunion gifts sustain the University's ability to provide scholarships, academic programs, faculty initiatives, research and more.

Annual, sustaining gifts

A sustaining gift is a budget-relieving contribution to Creighton University. Annual gifts sustain the University by providing flexible funds that allow Creighton University to excel and constantly improve for our students, furthering our Catholic, Jesuit mission. Sustaining gifts support the General Current Funds at Creighton along with other revenue sources like tuition and fees, investment earnings, grants and contracts, and charges for health care services.

For more information about sustaining gifts, please contact the Office of Development at 402.280.2740 or

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Why are annual, sustaining gifts important to Creighton University?

Sustaining gifts afford the University the ability to respond to exceptional opportunities as they arise, including: providing scholarships for students who otherwise could not attend Creighton; funding innovative academic initiatives; updating research laboratories; attracting and retaining respected faculty; and helping Creighton University create an environment for faith in action. 

Sustaining gifts can be designated for general University use, or for a specific school or college. These gifts are especially valuable to meet the ever-changing, and often unexpected, challenges of the future. Sustaining gifts are put to immediate use, and help hold the line on tuition.

Why are annual, sustaining gifts important in the current economy?

Flexibility is key in a changing national environment. The University anticipates an increase in the necessity for budget-relieving contributions to address the areas of greatest need, particularly scholarship support for deserving students, in an uncertain economy. Now more than ever we need you!

How does my school or college use my annual, sustaining gift?

When a donor designates a contribution to a school or college, that contribution joins the pool of other sustaining donations allocated to that school or college in the General Current Fund. The General Current Fund serves as the holding tank for these funds which supplies operating dollars to schools and colleges and administrative departments across the campus. Contributions through the general fund are one of several streams of income to the schools and colleges. Each Dean and Vice President has the flexibility to direct these resources to his or her area of greatest need.

How does my giving benefit scholarships?

Creighton is committed to ensuring access and affordability for all students - regardless of financial circumstances. Given the current national economic environment, and concern about students’ access to and the affordability of a Creighton education, now more than ever we are challenged to support student scholarships and financial aid. Of all the funding Creighton awards to undergraduate students for scholarships and financial aid, 7.8 percent comes from endowments and restricted gifts, while 92.2 percent comes from unrestricted general funds.

Scholarship support through sustaining gifts

Flexibility is key in a changing national environment. The University anticipates an increase in the necessity for annual sustaining contributions to address the areas of greatest need, particularly increased scholarship support for deserving students, in an uncertain economy. With a mandate from University leadership for an increase in the amount of resources allocated to scholarships and financial aid, the demands on the General Current Fund also will increase. An annual sustaining gift to the University will help support the General Current Fund and provide the flexibility Creighton University needs to allocate resources to scholarships and financial aid.

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Charitable donations to Creighton University, in which no goods or services were received by the donor, are tax deductible under current IRS guidelines.

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